Renaissance Electronics & Communications

Renaissance Electronics & Communications (together with P&H Labs/MCCI Wireless and HXI) is a leader in the design and manufacture of S-level qualified isolators, circulators, power dividers and combiners and RF switches. These devices are used in payloads and earth stations for signal synthesis and routing. Renaissance is a first in the industry to produce a truly Hermetic Electromechanical SPDT switch that uses laser welding and glass to metal seals.

Renaissance Electronics has been supplying high-reliability S-Level products for leading programs including Mars Lander, Sea Launch, ICONICS, Echostar, Astra IK, Globalstar, PanAmSat, Telstar-8, WildBlue, IP Star, Direct TV-7, GOES, SBIRS, TDRSS, Arabsat,Turksat, Intersat VII/VIII, Ausat, INAT, Westar and INTELSAT VIII.

Congratulations to the REC team for the 1st GaN (Gallium Nitride) based Switch Matrix! Other than being the first of its kind, this matrix boasts 40 inputs and 26 outputs with the ability to handle 5 Watts.

July/August 2017

Renaissance Electronics offers innovative and unique solutions to satisfy the customer's requirements. The highly talented and qualified engineering team assists the customer from concept to product launch, supported by a state of art design center and manufacturing facility, has been the core competency for successfully developing various technologies. The full-service laboratories perform comprehensive environmental, mechanical and electrical testing. Their in-house capability allows them to control all processes with in-house machining, fabrication, assembly and acceptance and qualification testing. Full performance characteristics at various temperatures and altitudes are available for each product. All the components are in full compliance with NASA specification NHB-5300.4.

The complete space compliance test process includes - Qualification Test Planning, Traceability and Process Controls, Acceptance Testing for In-Process, Final and Destruct Physical Analysis.

With Renaissance Electronics' acquisition of P&H Labs and MCCI Wireless, a significant portion of their broad Ferrite Products line has been qualified for both Military and Commercial Space applications. P&H Labs products have been an integral part of over 50 satellite and deep-space mission payloads, many of which have been in operational orbit for 8 to 10 years. Renaissance Electronics has been able to capture and retain the heritage processes and documentation systems needed to support S-Level and Hi-Rel requirements.