Nuvotronics innovates the solutions for pressing challenges in the defense and aerospace, communications, and test and measurement markets. And soon, the roadmap will extend their technology platform into the medical, consumer electronics, and computing markets.

Nuvotronics is a small private high tech business established in 2008, commercializing its initial R&D success with 3D microcoax technology at DARPA. A few seasoned entrepreneurs led an original small team with a vision to revolutionize microelectronics hardware through advanced manufacturing platforms such as PolyStrata® architecture. This technology resulted from focused commercialization of the award-winning 3D-MERFS program. The revolutionary PolyStrata® process creates the first ever 3D AirCoax miniaturized RF networks. This technology delivers a compact, densely packed footprint never before seen in the industry.

Nuvotronics has been featured in this month's MicroManufacturing magazine. Significant Improvements in Phase Shifter Loss and Power Handling

MicroManufacturing May 06, 2015

With Additive Manufacturing Nuovotronics can incorporate magnetic materials and dielectrics as well, making products as integrated as micro transformers. Mechanical features have been built into their RF systems for years, used for aligning and building stacks, layers and interconnects. For any miniature mechanical assembly, Nuovotronics can create structures that create modules out of components, with self-aligning capability. High isolation and "DC to Daylight" broadband capability make the PolyStrata® architecture the backbone of next generation radar, communications, and test.