Cobham is the market leader and supplier of choice for Waveguide and Rotary Joint Solutions

Cobham RF Interconnect Solutions include Rotating, Waveguide and Passive RF Components to enhance the overall performance of communication systems by improving reliability of transmission and reception. Cobham offers multiple interconnect solutions for commercial and military applications.

Cobham has established itself as the industry's rotary joint technological leader and has provided rotary joints, rotating subsystems and other components for numerous ground, shipboard, submarine, aircraft, commercial, and space applications.

In more than 50 years, through the legacy of Kevlin Corporation, Cobham has produced 4,000+ rotary joint designs.

Rotary Joints RF

The rotary joint is the link between the stationary and movable parts of a radar or microwave communication system allowing signals to be transmitted between the antenna and ground components with little or no distortion. A rotary joint has often several microwave channels on the same concentric axis. Cobham Exeter specializes in microwave and electro-mechanical rotating devices. These include RF rotary joints, gear-driven and direct-drive pedestals and RF rotating subsystems. Products are used in a myriad of applications ranging from submarine periscopes and shipboard avionics to ground-based, vehicle-mounted, air traffic control, airborne and space-based systems.

Rotating Sub Systems

Many rotary joint designs from Cobham Exeter incorporate ancillary components to create integrated RF rotating subsystems. Cobham Exeter can package the complete assembly: rotary joint, slip ring, fluid or other media joint, pedestal, azimuth positioning unit, gears, motor, and controller. Add in the antenna and waveguide and we can give you the complete, tested quality unit for further system integration.


Continental Microwave Division offers a comprehensive line of filters, diplexers and multiplexers from 400 MHz to 60 GHz. A broad range of custom waveguide and coaxial designs are available offering extreme temperature stability and low insertion loss for data links, military satellite communications, missiles, and radar.