Akoustis’ Bulk ONE™ technology delivers Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) through the use of innovative single crystal piezoelectric materials, which exhibit 30% improvement in acoustic performance when compared to incumbent thin film technology.

This new class of BAW filters targets the 4G/LTE mobile wireless market offering superior performance in bandwidth, insertion loss and steep side-wide rejection. Ultimately, these improvements provide benefit to end users through increases in battery life, reducing dropped calls and minimizing thermal heat.

Akoustis Technologies Completes Strategic Acquisition of New York Wafer Manufacturing Facility and Operation

Charlotte, N.C., June 27, 2017

Akoustis Technologies completes strategic acquisition of New York Wafer Manufacturing acility and operation. Main reason for the acquisition is for the continued development and volume production for the single crystal BAW filters but we have capacity to support additional MEMS Foundry business.

Currently, Akoustis NY MEMS Foundry supports ~10 customers that include GPS, Military, Life Sciences and Telecom Optical applications. Download a PDF of the MEMS applications and capabilities for your review.

The Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) filter market is rapidly expanding, driven by growth in 4G/LTE and the number of filters required per device. BAW filters have evolved as the key differentiator in the RF wireless frontend, as nearly half of the RF power generated by the PA is subsequently dissipated as heat in the filter. As a result, the power amplifier must be over-designed (by as much as 2x) to accommodate for this filter loss, increasing the cost of the frontend, negatively impacting the front end thermal management, and ultimately, reducing battery life. Furthermore, such frontend losses contribute to human-tissue heating when the mobile device is held against the head or attached to the body (in the case of wearable RF devices).

Akoustis was founded in 2014 by experienced industry leaders and scientists from University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) and Cornell University. Akoustis’ mission is to commercialize and manufacture its patent-pending Bulk ONE™ acoustic wave technology to address the critical frequency-selectivity requirements in today’s mobile smartphones – improving the efficiency and signal quality of Mobile Wireless devices and enabling The Internet of Things.